ORCID identifiers facilitate information management for funding recipients and evaluators

Is research funding effective? Is there an easy way to monitor the results of funded research?

The impact of funding

In order to plan funding programmes and strategies, and to ensure that funding generates results, you must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of funded projects. The challenge is to reliably link projects to the research, results and publications they generate.

What is ORCID?

ORCID is an open, public, international and community-based register of research identifiers. An ORCID identifier facilitates information management for funding recipients and evaluators.
ORCID helps research funders to link funding recipients to research results. When an ORCID identifier is integrated into the research workflow ¬– from the funding application, through monitoring and reporting on funded research, to the publication and citation of outputs – you can more reliably identify researchers’ achievements: publications, funding, and inventions.

ORCID improves:

• the funding application process, by accelerating it and providing better-quality data
• the funding administration and reporting process, and the monitoring of outputs
• the reliability of public information
• reporting on research results and articles
• the management of information about funding recipients
• interoperability with other systems

Examples of ORCID use

Funders can link ORCID identifiers to application and reporting forms.
By using their ORCID identifier, a researcher can import publication and other personal details into the form from other databases such as:
• VIRTA publication information service
• CrossRef

Many funders have introduced ORCID identifiers. For some major funders, such as Wellcome Trust in the UK and Vetenskapsrådet in Sweden, the use of ORCID identifiers is now mandatory in their application forms.

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