ORCID national connect service

Connect service provision

The Ministry of Education and Culture has commissioned CSC to provide a national connect service. The connect service enables researchers to link their ORCID identifier to their research organisation. Each organisation can choose the option that is the most suitable for its system architecture, depending on whether it will use the connect service or, for example, its own research information system to link the identifiers.


The connect service transfers users’ ORCID identifiers into the organisation’s own IdM system, so that the organisation can use the identifier in its own systems and provide it during HAKA logins. Every organisation does not need to build its own system for linking to the ORCID API.  Service Providers (SP) also benefit, as their services will also have direct access to ORCID identifiers via HAKA logins, and will not need to implement new integrations.

A custom interface between the connect service and the organisation’s IdM system will be created if the organisation becomes a pilot user.

Is your organisation interested in piloting the connect service?

The connect service is in the development phase. CSC is currently looking for organisations interested in piloting the connect service. If your organisation would like to pilot the connect service, please email us at:


At the national ORCID cooperation group’s meeting 1/2015, the target launch date for the first connect service pilot was set as April 2016.


A demo version of the service can now be used in the Orcid Sandbox and HAKA test environment. You can try the demo at: https://orcid-connect01.csc.fi. No final decision has yet been made on the service’s name, so the service will temporarily give an authentication warning.  You can create your own Orcid Sandbox ID for test purposes. The Sandbox only accepts email addresses ending in @mailinator.com, which you can use in the Mailinator service. If necessary, you can send queries about user IDs for the HAKA test environment to: haka@csc.fi

Development projects

You can examine the connect service’s development-phase source code on the project website.

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