ORCID membership

The benefits

ORCID offers paid membership for both individual organisations and consortia. Individual organisations can also become ORCID members without joining a consortium, but consortium membership is the more affordable option.

The benefits of consortium membership

ORCID consortium membership is particularly beneficial for organisations that want to link ORCID identifiers to their own information systems and develop services for researchers.

These are just some of the benefits conferred by membership:

  • member organisations receive a technical interface (Member API) to link ORCID to their information systems (for instance, research information systems, publication archives, research data services, library systems, user administration)
  • certain research information systems (Pure, Converis) provide additional functionality for member organisations – for example, the creation of ORCID identifiers within the system, data transfer between a researcher’s ORCID profile and the system.
  • researchers can grant member organisations permission to create ORCID identifiers on their behalf
  • researchers can grant member organisations permission to read their non-public details from the ORCID system
  • researchers can grant member organisations permission to update their ORCID profiles (for example, automatically update publishing information from the organisation’s research information system)
  • ORCID provides member organisations with technical support for system integrations

Functionality available to non-members

Certain features of the ORCID system can also be used free of charge by non-members, such as:

  • researchers can create their own identifiers, maintain their own details in the ORCID service, and manage the privacy settings of their data
  • the organisation can read all public information about researchers stored in the ORCID register
  • individual users can use the public interface (Public API) provided by ORCID with the aid of personal IDs
  • organisations can promote ORCID awareness among their researchers and take advantage of ready-made communications materials
  • organisations can use CSC’s national integration service, which enables researchers to link their ORCID identifier to an organisation’s HAKA or other ID.

The benefits of consortium membership

A consortium (group) membership is the cheaper option for organisations. The Ministry of Education and Culture has commissioned CSC to handle the making of agreements and general coordination of national consortium membership in Finland. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, ORCID offers technical support to consortium members.

Finland’s national ORCID consortium

Finland’s national ORCID consortium was established in May 2016 and launched on 1 June 2016. Thirteen Finnish research organisations have initially joined the consortium, along with CSC – IT Center for Science, which has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture to act as the consortium’s coordinator. Consortium membership is open to all interested Finnish organisations.