Scientific publishers

For publishers, including societies, ORCID can streamline the manuscript submission process, improve the management of author and reviewer databases, and improve the accuracy of name-based article repository searches.

How can you simplify the submission process? Why does the same author appear multiple times in the database, and how can authors be reliably distinguished from each other? How can author searches and their accuracy be improved? Where can you find reviewers with suitable competence?

These are all familiar problems for scientific publishers. Maintaining author databases requires continuous work, but they are necessary for obtaining an author’s publishing record, performing accurate name searches, and finding and managing suitable reviewers. Without unique identifiers for authors, you must manually check that the correct authors have been linked to the correct articles.

The ORCID system links authors to their work. This information is stored centrally, enabling researchers and publishers to manage the publication of research results more efficiently. ORCID provides a unique identifier for each author and links them to reliable and up-to-date information about their research outputs, which makes it easier to follow their research activities.

Potential uses of ORCID identifiers in publishers’ systems:

Article submission

  • Authors can log in with their ORCID or create a user name whose unique ID is their ORCID identifier. The publisher’s system can automatically fetch the author’s name, contact details, and affiliations from their ORCID account.

Peer reviewing

  • The publisher can use ORCID to obtain the publishing records of reviewers. Reviewers can log in with their ORCID identifier or create a user name whose unique ID is their ORCID.

Publishing completed work

  • The author’s ORCID will be included in the published article’s metadata. Author searches based on identifiers will be faster and more accurate.
  • With the author’s permission, the publisher’s system can export information about new publications into the author’s ORCID account. Information about completed reviews can also be added to reviewers’ ORCID accounts (forthcoming feature).

ORCID help publishers to:

  • reliably identify authors and reviewers
  • simplify the article submission process
  • find suitable reviewers quickly
  • improve author searches and their accuracy
  • improve the discoverability of research outputs and articles

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